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As we all know, weight training has been around, in some form or another, for centuries. Whether for function or recreation, it is known that maintaining a strong body helps with literally every aspect of our lives. No matter your age, ailments, size, shape, or fitness level, staying strong is one of the critical components to living a long healthy life.


Just some of the benefits include:

- Increased Bone Density.

- Improved Cardiovascular Endurance.

- Increased Energy.

- Increased Flexibility & Mobility.

- Improved Mood & Decreased Anxiety.

- More Clarity & Focus.

- Fat loss and/or Maintenance.

- Muscle Sculpting.

- Hormone Balancing

- The List Goes On!

Hey all! I’m the proud owner of Iron Method. Though many may know "fitness" Carolyn, my 1st passion was in animal training. I worked with exotics and owned my own animal training business for over 12 years.


Though I loved working with animals, I had honestly let myself go and needed a huge life shift. With education & determination, I fell in love with the practice of becoming my best self & left the animal training world to help others master this practice for themselves.

With over 15 years in the fitness & wellness industry, I found weightlifting to be the only method that sincerely helps everyone on some level. 

After years of helping people overcome obstacles by realizing their strength & reach goals they never thought possible, I realized it was time to build a community to share this gift together. So I did what I do best, & jumped in with both feet.

Today I stand here as a 47-year-young mom, wife, business owner, & animal welfare activist. And I truly believe, we ARE all in this together. xo

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